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turning the ordinary into the extraordinary


Aerial Africa is the inspiration of two award winning aerial, travel and wildlife photographers, husband and wife team Jan and Jay Roode.

Born in South Africa, they have an intimate knowledge of the Southern African region and have taken guests across the African continent to expertly photograph wildlife and wilderness from the sky and on the ground.


Having flown hundreds of thousands of nautical miles in all manner of aircraft and spent more than a decade photographing some of the most remote and spectacular wilderness areas of Southern Africa, they founded Aerial-Africa, with the clear vision to share the magic of Africa from above through ultra luxurious private safaris.

Through their unique and specialized offerings, Aerial Africa has become the quintessential tour operator for those wishing to experience and photograph Africa in a private, luxurious and authentic way .

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Their acclaimed book, Aerial Art, is the culmination of a remarkable journey through Southern Africa photographing the regions most remote places from above. Aerial Art showcases a vibrant collection of wild and enchanting images that convey an intimacy with, and reverence for, the African wilderness and is a reflection of their passion for the conservation and preservation of the enthralling landscapes they have flown over.

Their photography has been widely published in a multitude of magazines including Africa Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian Nature’s Best Photography, CNN, Wild Travel and the United Nations Environmental Programme.


Their images have received awards in both local and international photographic competitions.


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