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Flying thousands of hours in their specially modified aircraft, internationally recognized aerial photographers Jay and Jan Roode have spent more than a decade photographing some of the most remote and spectacular wilderness areas from above, revealing the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitats.


From above we are treated to a wider view of our world. We see how shapes, contours and colours form intriguing patterns. And if we look closer, we can see how the creatures who inhabit these spaces live in perfect synchronicity with their environment.


Aerial Art, is the culmination of a remarkable journey through Southern Africa photographing the region’s most remote places from above. Aerial art showcases a vibrant collection of wild and enchanting images that convey an intimacy with, and reverence for, the African wilderness and is a reflection of their passion for the conservation and preservation of the enthralling landscapes they have flown over.


  • Magnetic clip hardcover

  • 144 pages

  • 65 amazing double page spread photographs

  • Picture index at the back

  • ISBN: 978-0-6398318-1-7

  • SIZE/ BINDING: 345 x 278 mm – Portrait

Looking for a sophisticated high-end corporate gift for your VIP clients, then Aerial Art is the perfect gift.


We can customize the packaging to suit your needs and personalize with your logo and your client's logos. 

For more information, please contact Jan at


Aerial Art
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For the ultimate corporate gift, personalized to suite your needs, please contact Jan at

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